Making a referral

The service accepts referrals 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including bank and public holidays. Making a referral benefits to the child, young person and their family enabling an holistic assessment of health needs and referral on to local services for therapeutic support, sexual health services and paediatric services that may be needed.

Police Referrals

Call our advice line on 0800 183 0023

An experienced advisor will guide you through the referral process and arrange an appointment for the child or young person at an appropriate centre near them, apart from in exceptional cases.

Urgent Referrals

If the assault is recent and a forensic medical examination is required, the child or young person will be seen as quickly as possible, typically within an hour.

Please note that an urgent appointment will be made at a centre that is accepting referrals. You will be told by the advisor where to bring the young person.

Non-urgent Referrals

Referrals which do not require a forensic medical examination will generally be seen within 3 working days at the centre which is most convenient.

Other Professional Referrals

Other professionals working with children and young people, including medical and social care professionals, should seek the advice of one of our team when making a referral.

Call our advice line on 0800 183 0023

The advisor will guide you through the referral process, taking account of the referral pathway and local safeguarding procedures.

Who we see

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