How to use this site privately

In order to hide this visit to the website from other people, you will need to know how to clear your browser history. For future visits, you should also use a private or incognito browser window, which will not save any information about your visit.

The instructions for clearing your browser history and opening a private window will be different depending on the type of device (mobile phone, tablet or PC) and the browser you are using.

How do I know which browser I am using?

You will have clicked on a symbol or tapped on an app if you are using a phone or tablet to get onto the internet. Below, we will list the most popular browsers with their symbol and you can choose the symbol that you used to get on to the internet. This will show you how to clear your web history and swap to a private window in the type of device and the browser you are using.

I can’t figure out which browser I am using

If you are on a computer or laptop, you should be able to see at the bottom of the screen which browser you are using. You should be able to see one of the symbols listed below at the bottom of your screen.

If you are on your phone or tablet, go back to your home screen. Look at which app symbol you clicked onto get on to the internet. It should match one of the symbols below.